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Green Coffee Beans

No doubt you have heard of the weight loss qualities of green coffee bean extract, but you may be wondering, how can coffee bean extract help one lose weight?

People have been drinking coffee for a long time, and until recently, some of the qualities of the coffee bean hadn't been discovered.

If the coffee bean can help with weight loss, why aren't more people drinking coffee? The answer lies within the phytochemical, or natural plant chemical, chlorogenic acid.

The Coffee Bean and Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is a natural plant chemical found in green coffee beans and can also be found in bamboo, peaches and prunes. It is more highly concentrated in the green coffee bean, which is why this has become the main source.

It has long been known as an antioxidant, but has recently been shown to slow the release of glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream. This has the benefit of helping to control the blood sugar and hence, over a longer period of use, ones weight.

The problem lies in roasting the green coffee bean into what we use for making coffee. When the beans are roasted at high temperatures, the chlorogenic acid is mostly destroyed. This is why green coffee beans must be used, and why all of the extracts on the market use green coffee beans as their source. Simply drinking coffee won't work.

How Can Green Coffee Beans and Chlorogenic Acid Help Me Lose Weight?

Green Coffee Bean
After a person eats a meal, and the food is broken down into manageable sizes by the body, it is released as sugar into the bloodstream. The body reacts be releasing insulin, which takes the sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream and pulls it into individual cells where it can be used as energy. Once again, the levels of sugar in the bloodstream drop . When blood sugar levels are low again, one will once again get the feeling of hunger. In this way, the body is constantly going through the ups and downs of high blood sugar, low blood sugar.

What Does the Chlorogenic Acid Do?

Chlorogenic acid has 2 main functions relating to weight loss.

Blocks Some of the Sugar From Being Absorbed
When chlorogenic acid is consumed, it helps to block some of the release of sugar into the bloodstream. This is especially useful for people with diabetes and/or weight problems, especially when taken after a meal.

Increases Insulin and Uses More of the Sugar That's Already There
Chlorogenic acid has also been found to stimulate insulin release. This means that the sugar in the blood is further utilized for energy for the body. This has the side effect of increasing energy levels and metabolism.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose With Green Coffee Extract?

With the combined effect of blood sugar control, stimulated insulin release, and the added effect of increased energy and metabolism, people in test groups have lost, on average, about a pound per week, up to a maximum period of about 22 weeks, or 5 months.

Out of a study group of 100 volunteers, after 5 months, people lost on average about 17 pounds each.

It should be noted, that while these numbers were achieved in an independent study, the numbers you may achieve may be better or worse. Please don't take these numbers as what you will experience.

Better results can be had by coupling the use of coffee bean extract with a good diet and regular exercise.

What Should I Look For in a Coffee Bean Extract?

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract
There are tons of different brands of coffee bean extract and places to buy coffee bean extract, in brick and mortar stores as well as places online to purchase. Any quick Google search will reveal that. However, it is important that a quality product be purchased for not only the maximum benefit, but for your own safety as well.

Some cheap coffee bean extract products may contain other ingredients that may not be so healthy, and a lot of them use cheap fillers that not only aren't very good for you, but reduce the overall effectiveness of the product.

One of the main things to keep an eye out for when buying green coffee bean extract is the GCA content, or Chlorogenic Acid content. Most good coffee bean extract products will have a 50% GCA content.

Some of the products may contain other natural ingredients, to help with the weight loss, which is fine, so long as you're not allergic to any of them.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus (pictured above left) is the best coffee bean extract product currently available. It has 50% GCA content, all natural ingredients, has a good success rate, and is the most reasonably priced among similar rated products. Check the review page for more info.

Where Can I Buy Coffee Bean Extract?

The top 3 coffee bean extract products have been researched and listed on this site, each with it's own review and rating.

Please check out the page "Buy Coffee Bean Extract" for information of those products.

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